Order Q’s

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of items I can order?
A: There is no limit and no minimum amount required to place an order.  

Q: What if I want to cancel my order after it has been put through?
A: Unfortunately once the order is put through, it will be entered into the system and sent for production. There is a limited chance we can stop the order from being decorated.
If you have any further concerns regarding this issue, reach us through the nancy@marchants.com or call us +1416-523-3845

Q: What if I want to add/change something on my order after it has been put through?
A: We would highly recommend putting a new order through the website with the new items you want to order rather than adding something to the existing order which would add complications and further delays.

Q: I want to order something but it doesn’t appear to be on the website?
A: The items shown are the items the school's Account Manager and teacher/Principal have discussed in offering through the Webstore. If there is a high demand for a particular item, please have the teacher/ principal contact the Account Manager and they can talk about adding or changing items.

Shipping Q’s

Q: How long will my order take to get shipped?

A: Usually delivery times are indicated on the individual products or client websites' homepage. We try to keep the production lead time as lowest as possible However due to the custom nature of the products sold in this site it may take up to 4 weeks for your order to be ready.

Q: It has been more than 4 weeks, why have I not received my order yet?
A: Production times may take up to 6 weeks in rare occasions during busy seasons such as back to school and Christmas holiday due to the high volume orders.

Production lead time depends on one or more following factors:

  • Time taken for art approval, design finalization by the principal, teacher in charge, coach or phys. ed. head (whenever applicable).

  • Unavailability or delays of product from the supplier.

  • Unexpected production lead time increases.

    One of our Customer Service Representatives will notify you if there are any delays with the orders.


Q: What happens if I put the wrong address?
A: In the event customer submits a wrong address and if it results in an address correction or re-shipment, additional freight charges may be applicable. If you notice you put the wrong address immediately after you entered the order, please contact us regarding an address change and your order number. If done early enough, we will be able to adjust your order for you.

Q: How do I go about arranging my order for pick-up?
A: Customers will receive a call and/or e-mail to arrange for pick up when the order is ready. Visiting our office prior to the call does not guarantee the availability of the product. Any orders that are not picked up within 60 days after the order is ready, will be cancelled and the product put back into stock. A restocking fee of 15% of the order value will also be charged to the customer account. (At certain times the restocking fee could be 20%). If the order is custom in nature we are not able to provide any refunds.